Abigail and Kaidan

Shannon: Welcome Mr and Mrs Jacobs! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. First of all allow me to say how much I enjoyed telling your story and how privilegedĀ I feel in being given the opportunity. Thank you both for allowing me into your lives and for sharing it with us all.

Abigail: No, thank you, Shannon. We appreciate the interest you have shown in us and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Shannon: I must say that it can’t have been easy for you to relive those events.

Kaidan: No, indeed it was not. More so for Abigail I daresay than me. But it does give one a better appreciation for the good things in life and helps us to enjoy them all the more.

Shannon: Speaking of good things, I believe congratulations are in order?

Abigail: (Face wreathed in smiles) We thank you, yes. I am able to confirm that I am with child.

Shannon: This is wonderful news! Have you decided on any names yet?

Kaidan: (Beaming with pride as he looks down at this wife) We have discussed a few possibilities but have not settled on any as yet.

Abigail: But you can be assured that whatever we choose, whether we have a boy or girl, its name will not begin with ‘V’!

Shannon: That is very understandable. Do you have a preference as to the gender of your baby?

Abigail: Kaidan of course would like a boy but I will be happy no matter what our child is.

Kaidan: The important thing is that both mother and child are healthy. I shall be satisfied with that. (Kaidan placed his arm around Abigail’s shoulders and gave her loving squeeze)

Shannon: So what is on the horizon for you both, apart from starting your own family?

Abigail: There is a busy time ahead. As I’m sure you would have heard, Sophia is to marry Viscount Brampton and will probably retire to the country for a time. We plan to spend some time with them and my parents will of course wish to see their grandchild. We plan to take up residence close to them in Derbyshire while I am in confinement. After that we shall have to see what happens.

Shannon: Well I must say that you are both looking the picture of health. Married life has definitely agreed with you. Thank you once again for your time today and I wish you both the very best for future.