I can still hear the screeching of the brakes, her scream of terror; see the look of horror on her face as if it was happening again right now. I feel a fresh set of tears roll down my cheeks as the whole scene flashes through my mind.

It was just like any other day, the sun warm on our backs, birds singing, Sally listening attentively to me as we walk into town. We were such good friends. Sally the excitable one who always made me laugh and me more quiet and reserved. Even though Sally would never have guessed, I wished I could have been more like her in some respects. She never got embarrassed, her hair was gloriously shiny and golden, the sort that was never out of place, and her eyes were always gentle but with a tinge of mischievousness.

I was always amazed when I was with Sally. I was no match for her beauty with my frizzy brown hair and uninteresting dark eyes. But this never affected her, she saw me for who I really am. Appearances didn’t matter and it just made me love her all the more.

As it happened on this day only a week ago, Sally saw a group of our friends on the other side of the street. Without checking for cars she left my side and ran out on the road. There was no escaping the car that was hurtling towards her. The driver tried desperately to stop his vehicle, but it was no use. Sally died instantly, the impact shattering every bone in her body.

There is no describing the loneliness that fills me. We were together every waking moment. I have no one to walk into town with, no one to tell my secrets too without fear of them being spread. She’s not here to cheer me up when I’m down.

In time I know the pain will ease and the emptiness will not be so unbearable. And who knows, although Sally could never be replaced, I may, someday, get another dog.

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