Pride and Prejudice – Three little words and yet they turn me to mush. I am instantly swept away on a tide of emotion, caught up in a timeless story of love, hate, revenge, misfortune and scandal deliciously set in the regency era of beautiful ladies and rich gentlemen, ball gowns and dancing and of course, the ever present strictures of society.  My synapses tingle at the elegant expressive speech and the rapier wit and each page leaves me longing for more. One can never have enough Austen!

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’ that Jane Austen is one the greatest authors of all time. She is certainly one of my favourites and has been an inspirational force. Though my writing style is quite different, I have a theory: if I read her works often enough, perhaps some infinitesimal amount of her greatness may rub off on me. Maybe? I’ll leave you to answer that, dear reader.

And so, without further ado, please make yourself at home and feel free to wander my website to your heart's content. I do hope you enjoy your stay and make sure you visit the library! You just never know what you might find there!

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The Abandoned Countess - Released 26 December 2013 (Buy Now!)

London, England 1814

Abandoned shortly after her wedding day, the Countess of Rathbourne has been searching for her husband for two years with little success. A social outcast with few loyal friends left, Abigail begins to despair of ever seeing her husband again until a chance encounter rekindles her hopes. But as the mystery of her husbands disappearance unravels, who can she trust? The seemingly angelic gentleman who swiftly befriends her or the darkly mysterious brother of her best friend? And when lives are in danger, will her heart prove to be the worst traitor of all?

Spies, lies and intrigues set against the backdrop of Regency England!

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