Ants are such simple creatures. They can be very annoying, particularly when there is food around, and they can be very vicious, attacking perhaps unnecessarily out of fear for the safety of their colony.

But have you ever stopped and watched an ant? Observed the relentless determination as they fossic for food and drag it home? Nothing seems too much hassle, a problem too big. One finds a crumb and even with his incredible strength for a creature his size, he can’t seem to manage it. Does he give up? No. Very soon 2, 3, 4 more ants approach and lend their assistance. Does the first ant chase them away, proudly thinking he doesn’t need their help? No, he gladly welcomes and accepts their efforts. Together they work as a team in unity to move that tiny crumb. They don’t argue, placing more importance on their own ideas or feelings. They don’t squabble about who’s right or wrong. Harmoniously they work to get the job done.

Maybe to us they are just annoying, pesky creatures. But we could learn so much from such a small critter. Think about that the next time you shoo them off the picnic table. They are here for a reason and perhaps its to teach us a lesson.

Categories: Short Story