If only I’d known, just a day or two ago,
That you were all that, but the signs didn’t show

So gentle and sweet, you seemed to be,
But deep down inside, you never cared for me

You professed to love me, with all of your heart
You promised to be there, till death do us part

But instead you cowered, and shied away
I tried to reach you, and say “Baby hey!”

“What happened to us, where did we go wrong?
Why has this dragged on, so painful, so long?”

“Listen to me please, why can’t you see reason?”
Instead you just snarled, and blamed me of treason.

“Why can’t we just talk, and set things right?”
Little did I know, you had someone else in sight

How foolish I was, to have ever believed
That you truly loved me; that our lives inter-weaved

You blame me for this, that I didn’t love you
That I treated you bad, but you know that’s not true

You know that you’re wrong, but this pride makes you blind
You’ve missed out big time, ‘cause this loves hard to find

You drown in self pity, and make the rest of us pay
Wake up to yourself, don’t be led astray

I will never forget, how you made me feel
You hurt me baby, and this pain in real.

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