You know there was a time when I was very popular. It wasn’t that long ago when everyone wanted me, to be seen with me, to have me with them 24/7. I was admired wherever I went for my sleek curves and fashion sense.

But I had my man, and I never let him out of my sight. He took me everywhere. Out to dinner, a walk on the beach, a drive in the country. He made me feel special in the way he held me, soft and gentle but with confidence that made me feel appreciated and cared for. I remember the soft deep tones of this voice as he caressed me with his words and his radiant smile when I brought him good news. He knew just the right buttons to press and I was helpless but to do as he wished.

Then she came along. I had heard about this one, her reputation well known. I thought I had nothing to fear. My man loved me; there was no way he would ever consider straying from my side. Little did I know that he had grown weary with me. I put his increasingly distant attitude down to his busy schedule. But he had been biding his time until he could get his hands on her.

The betrayal I felt when he brought her home that night, the utter desolation as I watched how he handled her in the same caring, gentle manner that I had once known. The fiery indignation that he would make me witness his infidelity.

There was no denying that she was attractive. She was smaller than me, more curvaceous and stylish. She seemed to be more intelligent too, making him exclaim with pleasure with her responses to his queries.

The sinking feeling that invaded me is indescribable. I knew I had lost him and the worst part was I knew I could not do anything about it. He no longer belonged to me.

Looking back now, I thought I would never get over him. My life seemed to be an endless black hole with no light at the end of the tunnel. But, a few years later, I had the small satisfaction of watching him discard his new girl for another younger one. Undoubtedly she went through the same feelings that I did. It’s cruel and it’s not fair but such is the life with technology these days. Especially for us cell phones.

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