The Beauty of Dunwich – Lost City Saga

This story is the first in a series of books I plan to write, all centered around cities that have been lost over the years. The story of how Dunwich was lost is fascinating and I had the opportunity to visit what remains of this once great city quite recently. 

Dunwich was once one of the largest port cities in England located on the Suffolk coastline. In medieval times, the city boasted over 5000 inhabitants and was known for its many churches and strong fishing industry. Sadly, though, a number of powerful storms hit the delicate coastline, resulting in devastating damage to the city and by the 1300’s, the once prosperous Dunwich began to decline. 

The Beauty of Dunwich follows the lives of Bethany and her family as they struggle to make ends meet. The year is 1367, after two major storms have wreaked havoc on the town and many inhabitants have fled. Those brave enough to remain support each other as best they can but things take an interesting twist when a band of the kings knights happen upon the struggling city and Bethany becomes the centre of their focus.

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Bethany Morgan has long been considered the fairest beauty in all the land and many a knight has valiantly tried for her hand. But their attempts have been in vain for Bethany is determined to marry for love. Then to her dismay, her father brokers a deal with Sir Jarvis Rockwell; an arrogant, self-important man who takes delight in disapproving of everyone and everything. Bethany’s dislike for him is instant and the thought of marriage to him is unbearable. His cousin, however, captures her interest and her heart. But when an outbreak of the Black Plague ravages Dunwich, can she find a way to sever the engagement, save her people and her breaking heart? Coming Soon!