I’m running. Faster, faster and yet it feels like I’m not even moving. I’ve lost all sense of direction. Desperately I search for any familiar land mark. A tree, a stone. Everything looks foreign.

He’s closing in on me. The closer he gets the more I panic. Erratically I change direction and head for cover. I make it to the forest but my pursuer is close behind me. Running through the green foliage I pray that I don’t stumble on a twig.

My legs are screaming. Never have they been so abused. Yet I mustn’t stop. It would all be over. I can’t stop… But would the end be so terrible? The cramping in my legs, the aching of insufficient oxygen; it would all go away. Maybe if I slow down just a little, it might reduce the pain…

No. NO! I mustn’t think that way. I must keep going. If I could find a hole, somewhere to hide. Wait a minute, what’s that? Could it be? Yes, it’s my home! I can make it. Just a little further and I’ll be safe.

Desperately I dash for the door. My predator lunges. He gets so close I can feel his breath on my neck. But I was too fast for him. Relief washes over me in a wave as I realize I’m safe.

But my pursuer won’t be defeated so easily. He forces his way into my home as far as he can. He can’t quite reach me. But then something long and sticky is flung towards me. I duck and it misses but it won’t miss every time. Suddenly I’m caught. I try hard to free myself from the sticky mass but it’s no use. It’s over.

Just another mouthful for the Spiny Anteater.

Categories: Short Story