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  • Regency

    The Abandoned Countess – Abigail’s Story

    Book 1

    Abandoned shortly after her wedding, the Countess of Rathbourne has been searching for her husband for 2 years with little success. A social outcast with few loyal friends left, Abigail begins to despair of ever seeing her husband again until a chance encounter rekindles her hopes. But as the mystery of her husbands disappearance unravels, who can she trust? …

  • Regency

    Your Faithful Servant – Sophia’s Story

    Book 2

    The fairy tale was over not long after it began. Sophia Collins, Viscountess Brampton, is battered and bruised at the hand of the man she vowed to love and obey till death do them part. Seeking refuge from the eyes of the ton, Sophia retires to their country home, Waverly. At first Sophia feels as though she has traded …